Europe Rethinks Its Approach to Forest Fires

It has been a bad summer for wildfires in Europe, and all signs point to more bad summers to come. Many countries ar ...

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Winter Worries: The Changing Virus

Winter, Measure, The, Virus, Worries, Changing As winter approaches, experts are concerned that more contagious variants of the coronavirus could emerge. Measure to prevent the spread of the virus, they say, will be with us for a long time to come... mehr ... 15. September 2021

A Third Betrayal: Many of Germany's Local Hires Are Still Waiting To Be Rescued from Afghanistan

Germany, Afghanistan, Berlin, Betrayal, Third, Many, Are, Local, Waiting, Hires Germany pledged it would continue rescuing former local hires from Afghanistan, even after the airlift from Kabul ended. Yet despite the grave danger they are in, Berlin is failing to help them. mehr ... 17. September 2021

Social Design Award 2021: This Is the Last Chance To Take Part in Our Reader Competition!

Take, Reader, Competition, Part, Chance, Enter, That, Our, Award, Parents Parents and children are always in need of a helping hand, but particularly during pandemic times. That’s why DER SPIEGEL and SPIEGEL WISSEN are looking for the best ideas for strengthening families... mehr ... 25. August 2021

Egypt Picks Europe Over China: High-Speed Rail To Connect Red Sea and Mediterranean

China, Germany, Egypt, Europe, Over, Speed, Sea, High, Middle, Mediterranean A consortium led by Germany's Siemens has been awarded a contract to build a high-speed rail network in the Middle East. The deal is good for Egypt, Germany and Europe – and it shows that the West c... mehr ... 13. September 2021

BioNTech Founders on Vaccine for Children: "Things Are Looking Good and Going According to Plan"

Children, Uğur, Are, Vaccine, Türeci, Plan, Good, Delta, Özlem, Founders In an interview, BioNTech founders Uğur Şahin and Özlem Türeci explain why booster shots are needed to combat the Delta variant of the coronavirus, and they say that a vaccine for five- to 11-year... mehr ... 10. September 2021